Tracing the Roots of Chinese Characters: 500 Cases (English Version)

Tracing the Roots of Chinese Characters: 500 Cases (English Version)
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In English. 500 pages. By Li Leyi.

The Chinese character is one of the earliest forms of written language in the world. Even though it has an evolution history of approximately five or six thousand years, probably one-fourth of the world's population are still using it now. The Chinese character has made a great contribution to the development of China's long standing cultural history. As an art form, the graceful Chinese calligraphy is an indispensable part of the cultural and artistic legacy of the Chinese nation.

The past several thousands of years have witnessed the evolution of Chinese characters, of which the main forms are as follows: Jia Gu Wen - Oracle Bone Inscriptions; Jin Wen - Bronze Inscriptions; Xiao Zhuan - Small Seal Characters; Li Shu - Official Script; Kai Shu - Regular Script; Cao Shu - Cursive Writing or Grass Stroke Characters; Xing Shu - Freehand Cursive or Running Hand.

ISBN-10: 7-5619-0204-2 or 7561902042; ISBN-13: 9787561902042

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